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Welcome in Cookies Crust official website

In our shop you can taste the delicious gelato from Ice Age and famous and original Cookies Crust Honey Ttoast

As this is the direct outlet of Ice Age you can enjoy real premium Italian style gelato at competitive prices as the gelato is directly from our homemade laboratory in Bangkok.

From a single scoop to a big "coppa gelato" to share with four or five people!

Come and enjoy your time in Cookies Crust only in Central Rama IX Bangkok

We also have fresh coffee, tea, soft drinks, Italian Soda and naturally, cookies, brownies and homemeade cakes!

Variety of cakes
Frui ice cream
Fruit ice cream
Fruit ice cream
Ice cream to share
Huge ice cream
Rocher gelato
Honey toast
Honey toast
Chocolate gelato
Jumbo chocolate
Strawberry Sherbet
Jumbo strawberry sherbet
Many promotions available
Ice cream promotion
Good for the whole family

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